How Will Smaller Theaters More Easily Transition to Digital Cinema?

Can independent movie houses afford to move forward with digital technology?

Can independent movie houses afford to move forward with digital technology?

Theaters continue to go digital as technology moves forward with films no longer being produced in 35 mm format this year. For larger chains that have corporate-sized budgets, the transformation is just a sign of the times.

Multiplexes and theater chains were the first to make the switch to digital.

One recent conversion deal is set for Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé, one of Europe’s leading cinema chains, which will equip all 11 screens in its new Pathé Le Mans multiplex exclusively with Sony 4K technology from Sony Digital Cinema.

But what about independent theaters such as The Grand Cinemas in Tacoma, WA that scrambled to get the $75,000-plus required for the digital projectors?

The Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma’s Proctor neighborhood and Eatonville’s Roxy Theatre both raised funds and converted earlier this year, along with the Skyline Drive-In movie theater near Shelton, which reopened Sept. 20, after its digital equipment was damaged by lightning.

It’s become apparent however, that smaller houses are struggling to stay relevant with the new technology.

How will smaller theaters on tight budgets raise adequate funding to convert to digital cinema technology and deliver the same quality HD as the large cinemas? An important issue to keep in mind is scalability.

The truth is small venues do not need the full redundancy and large storage as provided to a major cineplex.

KenCast offers the CinemaPro 2RU, an economical solution for theatres whose storage and redundancy requirements are not as demanding.  A more compact version of our CinemaPro 3RU, the 2RU is a preferred product for delivering digital content to theatres. The 2RU runs the same program as the 3RU with full network management, remote upgrades/enhancements, and operates on the same roadmap as architected for the 3RU by the Hollywood studios.

If you’re looking to move forward with a digital cinema upgrade, but operate a smaller venue, see what the CinemaPro 2RU has to offer.

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