FAZZT Clients


The Fazzt Enterprise Client is Kencast’s receive-side content management software that caches files and records streams. This content is stored in a database for a network of local users to access via a web browser. The Fazzt Enterprise Client software program has all the capabilities of the Fazzt Professional Client, plus functions as a cache server for a LAN or WAN at the receive side. Incoming file and stream transmissions are protected with Fazzt┬« FEC by the transmitting server. The Enterprise Client can be networked to receive all transmissions, along with the Professional Client, and EdgeSpan appliances.


The Fazzt Professional Client software program functions as a standalone client receiver, receiving transmissions from a Fazzt server. It allows a single user to:

  • Monitor incoming transmissions
  • Tune across channels
  • Record live streams for later playback
  • Make selections from carousels
  • Run scripts
  • Send messages regarding missed packets back to Fazzt server
  • View statistics and logs
  • Monitor performance
  • Provide tools to configure receive channels via web interface


The Fazzt Handset Client software program is intended for the mobile user carrying a mobile PDA, or Smartphone. It includes much of the same functionality as the Fazzt Professional Client.
The Handset (smartphones, tablets, netbooks) Client software can:

  • Receive files
  • Send acknowledgments back to the transmitting Fazzt server
  • View files
  • Record/playback incoming streams
  • Use Fazzt scripting to integrate with other applications

A catalog of content geared to small screen devices is available through access to the Fazzt server’s mobile distribution center. Besides 3G carrier services, wireless networks including WiFi and WiMAX can be used for content delivery to handsets by Fazzt.


The Fazzt EdgeSpan 1U Client is a turnkey appliance with all the functionality of a Fazzt Client plus an optional satellite receiver. All of the Enterprise Client’s content management and user access features are available in this device, and can be managed either locally or remotely. In addition, there are customized versions of the EdgeSpan Client for special applications; for example the EdgeSpan Signage for digital signage applications and the EdgeSpan Cinema Pro for digital cinema applications.